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Breast cancer survivor shares cautionary tale of relying solely on thermography

Background: The relationship between active cigarette smoking and breast cancer risk remains controversial because of unresolved issues of confounding and dose response. >> read more

The incidence of advanced breast cancer among younger women, ages 25 to 39, may have increased slightly over the last three decades, according to a study released Tuesday. >> read more

Dr. Rogsbert Phillips-Reed, was given the health award. Rogsbert is a surgeon and fellow of the American College of surgeons specializing in breast surgery. >> read more

Background: Breast cancer incidence is higher among black women than white women before age 40 years, but higher among white women than black women after age 40 years (black–white crossover). We used newly available population-based data to examine whether the age-specific incidences of breast cancer subtypes vary by race and ethnicity. >> read more

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